The Neurizon Neuromodulation Database

Neurizon wish to help doctors provide the best possible care for their patients by providing a quick and seamless, platform independent, database solution on neuromodulation treatments in a real life clinical setting

Key features

The Neurizon Neuromodulation Database is:

  • Quick and easy to use, and it covers all relevant parameters for full patient management and for continuous monitoring and research
  • Providing a simple but powerful way to follow up the performance of implants
  • Intended for international collaboration
  • Using tailor-made input forms optimized for the neuromodulation field
  • Web-based, programmed using industry standards to ensure scalability and performance.
  • Hosted on a commercial server with full traffic encryption

Our colleagues in the field of neuromodulation are invited to use the database in their own practice as a free clinical tool. Independent mirrors of the database can be set up, keeping data local and confident.

For more information, please contact us: